The New Years Line Up:

This is by far the hottest mix of artists we have had so far! Curtis Santiago will be hosting the night with special guests: Kyprios and Sweatshop Union!

We now have three unreal DJs spinning everything from world house to funk, soul, hip-hop, and even a little disco. Straight from Ibiza, Spexxx will be starting off the night with some unreal world house accompanied. Later, Dr. J and DJ Itchyron will be lighting up the stage with music guaranteed to get the crowd mov'n!  

Curtis Santiago is one of Vancouver’s hottest up-and-comers. This year we are proud to host his CD pre-release party highlighting his diverse skill set, and new tracks from his solo album TKO. With special guest appearances from Kyprios and Sweatshop Union!

The night will begin at 8pm with a subtle meet and greet. Bringing in elements of art with a live demonstration by one of Vancouver’s top body painters! She will be highlighting her talents by painting your lovely hostesses Heidi, and Jasmine—incorporating middle-eastern art on a naked canvas.  

One of Vancouver’s premier DJs, Dr. J and Spexxx, will be starting the night with some smooth house re-mixed with middle-eastern/ African back beats, and accompanied by a percussionist on the drums straight off the club scene in Ibiza!

Around 9pm Curtis will take the night to the next level by introducing Kyprios in a live spoken word set accompanied by guitar or drums. For those of you that haven’t witnessed this performance it is probably the best live act in the city—a freestyle combination that will definitely get the crowd jump’n!

As the night progresses, Dr. J will begin to re-mix beats you will all recognize with a onslaught of funk, r&b, disco, and world music—by far one of the most versatile DJs you will see live! And guaranteed to get the ladies dancing!

He will trade off with DJ Itchyron for some tracks off the new Sweatshop album accompanied by Kyprios and Curtis Santiago. Ron can spin records better than most in the business…even given Mix Master Mike a run for his money!

After our toast to the New Year, we will be introducing some world flare with a live Belly Dance presentation, and some more tracks from Curtis.


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More about Curtis Santiago:

If you have never heard Curtis live before, you are in for an unbelievable night. His sound is completely one of a kind.

Impossible to do his sound justice we can only mention those that have influenced his music….in his own words:

“Well my big brothers turned me onto so much music as a kid here only a fraction Old&New Prince,Old Time soca,ABC,Kate Bush,Smiths, KRS1, SugerCubes,Sam Cooke,Brooke Benton, The Cure,David Bowie,Biggie Smalls,The Stooges,Joy Division,Yassou N'dour,New Edition,Bell Biv Devo,Special Ed,Kool Mo Dee,Velvet Underground,Doors,Bad Brains,Arcade Fire,Kos,Franz Ferdinand,Kevin House,Beck,Hothotheat,Gorrilaz,Hi-Phoniqs,Lenny Kravitz,M.I.A,Missy,Big Sox,Nick Drake,The Sounds,Tegan&Sara,White Stripes”

Not exactly a sound you can pin down, but definitely one you won’t want to miss!

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Soul music is alive in Vancouver. Whether it's a funk break, hip-hop beat, house groove, afro-rhythm or bossa nova, if its got soul you can be sure that its in Dr.J’s record crate. 

As band leader and music director of the 8-piece cosmic soulestra 1LUV, he guides their signature sound on stage and in the studio.  In 2006,1LUV releases on SuntzuSound, Yoruba and Especial Records have created quite a stir in the worldwide underground music scene and have been championed by heavyweight DJs Osunlade (Yoruba), Phil Asher (Restless Soul), Benji B (BBC 1xtra), Michael Rutten (Compost) and Karl Injex (Rude Movements).  The debut album “NEOPHILIA” has just been released exclusively in Japan on Columbia Records and will be unveiled to the rest of the world by Berlin based tastemakers Jazzanova on their own record label Sonar Kollektiv. 

As a DJ, Dr.J has shared turntables and rocked dancefloors here and abroad with King Britt, Bugz In The Attic, Capitol A, ?uestlove, DJ Heather, Mark Farina, Zero7, Dego from 4Hero. Jazzanova and countless others.  So if you are looking to end 2006 with a great time on a sweaty dancefloor and welcome 2007 in the hottest vibe in the city, you can be sure that Dr.J will bring the soul and it’ll be all good.

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