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Name: Brittany

Where I'll be: Behind the Bar

Occupation: I don't work, I work it.. I bartend, and do a bit of modeling for fun.

Hobbies/Interests/ or Special Talents: I play guitar and sing, but who doesn't in Vancouver. I love sushi, shopping, movies, music, gelato and I am a huge fan of spooning!

My idea of a great evening: doing something laid back, low key, and that doesn't involve drama.

My worst habit: Drunk texting/dialing.. I'm notorious for it.

Favorite TV Show: Weeds

Favorite Movie: Talladega Nights

Favorite Actor or Actress: Hands down it would be Will Ferrell

Guilty Pleasure: Sugar.

Something I am proud of: My parents. They have been together almost 40yrs

Someone I'd love to meet: My mom when she was my age. Something tells me I got my sense of adventure from her.

Favorite Cocktail: Caesars

Favorite sport: There should be only 2 seasons in Canada, Summer and Hockey.

My Best NYE so far was: Probably the one I don't remember.

Favorite Motto: I would rather be hated for who I am, then loved for being someone I'm not



Name: Izabella

Where I'll be:  Beer Tub

Occupation: Professional Model & full time student.  I hope to obtain my MBA with a major in Marketing so I'm not just a pretty face, I have brains too....promise!

Interests: working out, fashion, dancing, the list goes on. 

My idea of a great evening: Going out with a bunch of my girlfriends to a party, club, or movie

Favorite TV Show: Days of our Lives I've been watching that since I was in grade 3

Favorite Movie: The Notebook, that movie made me cry! Or Scarface, and Casino Royale was great too 

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate!  Can't get enough!

Something I am proud of: Managing my hectic schedule and doing what I love at the same time. 

Someone I'd love to meet: Mariah Carey

Favorite Cocktail: Pina Colada\...soooo yummy!

Favorite sport: I actually can't play sports but because I am from Vancouver I have to say Hockey!

My Best NYE so far was: The first time I went to a club, and I had a blast.  That is a NYE I will never forget!


Name: Alicia

Where I'll be: Dance floor baby!

Occupation: Actress/Promotions

Interests: Well of course dancing (hip/hop/street jazz), working out, music, acting, fashion, traveling, meeting new people

My idea of a great evening: It really depends on my mood... but I'm

always wanting to dance. Sometimes it's cool to just lay low - watch a

flick, have a glass of red, a good meal, chill out with cool peeps

My worst habit: canceling plans - what can I say, I'm a busy girl!

Favorite Movie: Shawshank Redemption

Favorite Actor or Actress: Meryl Streep

Guilty Pleasure: Everybody knows this about me - chocolate!

Something I am proud of: Following through with my dream/passion

Someone I'd love to meet: Jamie King (choreographer)

Favorite Cocktail: Chocolate Martini

Favorite sport: Dancing!

My Best NYE so far was: Last year when I was in New York visiting my sister - It was so much freakin' fun!

I'm very outgoing and personable. I'm open to new ideas, meeting new people, going to new places trying new things. I'm always exploring new things about myself and the world every day. I am very active - gotta move! I love to use my creativity/artistic abilities. I believe life is what you make it - so always go for your passion/what's in your heart because it's the best feeling ever!



Name: Tia

Where I’ll be: Serving up drinks at the bar

Occupation: I’m a student at SFU, and I get paid to go to parties and have a good time. I get to meet people and socialize. 

Interesting Hobby:  For some reason I am interested in getting down and dirty in exotic places….doing archaeology that is.  

My idea of a great evening: I love hanging out with good company who are not afraid to let loose and feel free. I love dancing and I love good music. I also love people who dance.

Favorite TV Show: Frasier, Seinfeld and America's Next Top Model. Canada's Next Top Model was a joke.

Guilty Pleasure: That’s a secret….under aged persons may be reading this.

Something I am proud of: being the sole provider in my life is something I’m proud of.

Someone I'd love to meet: I would love to meet myself in 10 -15 years so I'd know now how to live my life...ensuring my future success.

Best NYE so far: It will be this year!. I plan on having a smashing good time.

Name: Ecstasia Sanders

Where I’ll be: Behind the Bar

Occupation: Actress/Promo model

Hobbies & Special Talents: Photography, traveling and dancing

My idea of a great evening: A night on the town or sushi and a good movie

My worst habit: I’m always late

Favorite TV Show: Family Guy

Favorite Movie: City of God and Born into Brothels

Favorite Actor or Actress: Rachel McAdams

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate, of course!

Favorite website:

Something I am proud of: My part in Dr. Doolittle 3

Someone I’d love to meet: Steve-O

Favorite Cocktail: Rasberry Stoli and Cran

Favorite sport: Beach volleyball

My Best NYE so far was: Last year as the Train Station with all my girls!


Name: Jennifer Brown

Where I’ll be: Bartending

Occupation: student/model/sun-chaser

Interests: I love to travel, surf, snowboard, and rollerblade

My idea of a great evening: Get together with friends for dinner and drinks, followed by a night out of good music, dancing and fun

My worst habit: Not being able to stay in one place too long

Favorite TV Show: Entourage, Nip/Tuck, Sex and the City 

Favorite Movie: The Beach

Guilty Pleasure: Sweets

Something I am proud of: You can speak to me in English, French, or Spanish (lentamente para el espanol por favor!)

Favorite Cocktail: Midori Split- 1 shot of Midor, 1 shot Malibu, build with pineapple juice with a cream float

Favorite sport: Anything with a board (skimboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, snowboarding)

My Best NYE so far was: Last year at Darling Harbour in Sydney, Australia


NAME:  Jasmine

Occupation:  Teacher’s Aide and professional model (Queen of the World / Miss Canada 2006 Title Holder!)

Hobbies:  Jigsaw puzzles, working out, dancing, motorcycle racing

My idea of a great evening:  Excellent hard house music!

Favorite TV Show:  Anything on the Discovery Channel

Favorite Movie:  Titanic

Favorite Actor:  Johnny Depp

Guilty Pleasure:  Belgium chocolate

Something I am proud of:  My travels around the world

Someone I'd love to meet:  Pope John Paul

Favorite Cocktail:  5th Avenue

Favorite sport: Soccer


Name: Michelle Carriere

Where I’ll be: Beer Tub

Occupation: Fashion Design

Special Talents: Snowboarding, making chandeliers, model airplanes, gold diggin (just joking)

My idea of a great evening: Spending the night with friends drinking wine

Favorite TV Show: I hate TV!!!! .....But I like renting Six Feet Under.  I am on season 4 disk 4.  I will cry when I finish the last episode.

Guilty Pleasure: Chips, wine, chocolate, shopping......I have too many

Something I am proud of: Running two half marathons. One day I plan to run a full marathon.

Someone I’d love to meet: Gene Simmons

Favorite Cocktail: Gin and Tonic

Favorite sport: Volleyball

My Best NYE so far was: The millenium New years - I was in Milan


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