Tangier--the elusive ‘White City’ of Morocco--is an eclectic mix of cultures influenced by French art deco, tribal Afrika, and the riches of the Middle East.  This year on New Years Eve we will be attempting to recreate the flare of Tangier within Vancouver's own city limits. New Years will be an experience, not just another party! A chance to travel without leaving the city. 


We are hosting Tangier in a beautifully renovated 5,000 square foot loft in Gas Town. The loft is a combination of art gallery, and New York or LA style club. Located on Water Street, the over height ceilings and floor to ceiling glass windows were designed to highlight breathtaking views of the harbour and North Shore mountains. The unobstructed views are accentuated by polished concrete floors, white walls and brick accents.

New Years Eve will be loosely based on the culturally rich Morocco; a place famous for intrigue and romance, and a magical back drop for the movie Casablanca. Tangier will be brought to life in the décor, lighting, imagery, and entertainment.  Large comfortable pillows are reminiscent of a Moroccan lounge…and we’ll be spicing it up with a fortune teller, middle eastern venders, belly dancers, live art, and body painted models!

As much as Tangier will be an experience, it will also be a party...with a video dj and great music for the ladies to dance to! Last year K-OS, and KYPRIOS made celebrity guest appearances…this year we will also be hosting a CD pre-release party for a good friend of mine: Curtis Santiago. For those of you who have yet to experience his live performance, you will be blown away. He delivers an eclectic mix of R&B, hip-hop, and funk in a free-style performance that you won’t want to miss! To work with the theme, we have arranged for a DJ and Moroccan style drum band to accompany Curtis for his set.

Private Rooms Sold out!


The details: 


Doors Open:









21 Water Street, Gas Town


Late Night



remaining tickets $150 (6 tickets left)

contact: tickets@tangententertainment.com

                                      ***don't forget to ask about our group rates!


Complementary signature drink upon arrival (guaranteed to warm you up ;), Appetizers, Live free-style performance by Curtis Santiago and special guests Kyprios and Sweatshop Union, DJs - Dr. J and DJ Itchyron, Free Fortune Telling (first come first serve), Champagne at Midnight, and a Cappuccino or Latte (if you would like).


***Parking is available next to Storyeum, but if you are going to drink please take a cab!




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